new SMG logo 2021
Different logo, different colours, different fonts. Everything different? Not quite. As of today, SMG has a new look, but the mission to reach people worldwide with the Good News remains. So why these changes? Here is a short version of the development process. 
«What exactly does SMG do?» This question was raised at the beginning of a workshop on the identity of SMG in which we - the Executive Board and CEO - participated. It turned out that it is not so easy to sum up SMG in one sentence. We also asked ourselves how we are perceived from the outside. If we can barely manage to put our identity into one sentence, how are others supposed to know what SMG stands for? 
These considerations led to the desire to sharpen the identity (corporate identity) which is based on the defined values of faith, trust, security and competence. It was also undisputed that SMG needed a fresh, contemporary corporate design after 16 years. 


An intensive process began from which the following vision and mission statements emerged:

«We enable mission in word and deed.»

«We see ourselves as part of the worldwide mission movement and help build the Kingdom of God. SMG is a competence centre for personnel, finances and donation processing so that our staff and partner organizations worldwide can focus on proclaiming the Gospel in word and deed.»

The combination of vision and mission led to the motto MAKING MISSION POSSIBLE. 

This motto sums it up in a nutshell. It describes in three words the core and the tasks of SMG. The question that stood at the beginning of the workshop was answered! 



With the support of an advertising agency, the next step in the process was to take place. How does this identity, this MAKING MISSION POSSIBLE, become visible to the outside world? What will SMG look like in the future? 

A brief look back: The first logo was designed six years after the foundation, that was in 1955. Since then, SMG's appearance has changed again and again. 

In our view, the new logo perfectly symbolizes SMG. The S (Swiss) and G (community) symbolize SMG as an employer that provides support. The letters are stable and secure. They are support for the swinging M, which on the one hand symbolizes the employees. On the other hand, the letter M stands for the dynamism of the mission. 

A dark, strong colour was deliberately chosen for the stable pillars. The gold in the M points to the preciousness of the Gospel and to the people who convey and receive this message.  

By the way, the motto MAKING MISSION POSSIBLE is part of the new logo (claim) and at the same time the name of the new magazine. 

We are very happy to be on the way with God – as SMG with a sharpened identity and a new look. And we pray and trust that HE will continue to use us as HIS tool to make mission possible!  




SMG's identity is based on four values, summarised by the four members of the Management: 


«Faith creates change, makes the impossible possible, brings about great things. It is only through faith that our work gets the necessary dynamism and the corresponding thrust.»

Beat Leuthold, CEO



«Trust is what makes relationships possible in the first place and gives us a carefree attitude towards each other. But trust also means being courageous and letting go. Employees who leave everything behind in Switzerland to follow their calling know this very well.»

Bettina Büchi, Head of HR



«Being in good hands is a good feeling. However, we convey more than a feeling of security to our employees, donors and trust clients. We give them confidence.»

Timon Schaffner, Head of Service



«Professional, social and personal skills are important prerequisites for implementing the vision and mission of SMG. We trust that God will provide the needed staff in the future.»

Rainer Tanner, Head of Finance



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