SMG employees
«Just at the right moment. It is literally today that we used up the last food so that there is none left – and now you are standing in front of the door», a young woman in South Africa said as SMG staff distributed food parcels. Three children, clad in dirty clothes, stood at the back, shyly hiding. Seeing the box with all the food, the kids slowly «thawed out». And besides providing a food parcel to the young family, our staff were welcome to share the good news of the Gospel.
Our COVID 19 funds make it possible: approx. 1.000 families and children in South Africa received a food parcel. Similar projects were also launched in Romania, Ecuador and Argentina: to help people in emergency situations. That is what the funds are for.
The global Corona crisis goes on. The solidarity of our donors continues to make an impact. Thanks to your support, SMG can continue to co-finance projects and make up for deficits caused by Corona. Your donation will be credited directly to the COVID-19 support and is fully tax deductible (payment slip enclosed). 
Thank you very much indeed for your solidarity and support. Just at the right moment!

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