«Faith moves mountains» 

«Looking ahead and dreaming... Imagine what can still come. How something new can be created or what has been done so far can be improved!»… However, in my opinion it does not need to remain an act of «dreaming» – if we bring these thoughts before God in prayer, talk them over with Him, dreams become realistic hopes. And God willing, these hopes can come to pass – from «a dream» to practical implementation. 

A great «dream» of mine is that the entire mission movement in Switzerland will grow stronger, and that it may once again be kind of natural to stand up for the Gospel in word and deed! For example, I hope that many people will take part in the «missioNow 2021» event in April. Thanks to donations, we are in the position to provide AEM, our umbrella organization, with two interns working for the «missioNow 2021». Simply wonderful how God provides this opportunity at such short notice. 

The more «classical dreams» include our focus on the role as an employer, as a fundraising agency, and on the trustee mandates. Our guiding principle «enabling mission» inspires us to follow impulses to new possibilities, to break new ground with staff and partner organizations, to prepare the way for world mission through our work. 

A pilot project is currently underway to employ one person each from Malawi and Colombia to work at an international theological seminary in Switzerland. We are trying to obtain quota permits similar to those of «computer scientists from India for Google». And we have other «dreams», such as the establishment of a kind of prayer ministry, support for inbound marketing, donation exchange, digitalization steps, developing SpiritualCare, etc. However, we need donations to our account «SMG General» (direct donations) to kick-start such innovations. If we not only dream about such issues, but also believe in them, hope for them – and God willing – a lot can come to pass! 

Beat Leuthold, CEO


Thank you very much for your donation!