It all started with an unusual phone call. After studying theology, I worked as a school chaplain, founded the youth work «Young Life» in Switzerland and was active as a football coach. Then the call came:  

Four abandoned children from a women's shelter in Romania were to be separated from each other by the youth welfare office. We felt called to be there for these children... My wife Ana immediately traveled to Romania and stayed. While I commuted between Basle and Romania for a year. It is now almost three years since we emigrated to a small Romanian town and took in these four children. The adoption process is now underway. As a «family out of the blue», we keep praying that the legal process is soon over and everything sound. Then we will return to Switzerland to take up our vision – currently we are working on it «online». 

We started «Mr. Youth Ministry» – inspired by the word from Isaiah 58,12: «Those from among you shall build the old waste places...» We want to serve God practically and establish something new: by helping German-speaking youth leaders to inspire young people to commit themselves to Jesus. To achieve this goal, a few friends and I founded the association «Mr Jugendarbeit» (Mr Youth Ministry) in Basle in January 2020. In cooperation with SMG, we set up an online ministry to equip youth leaders in the German-speaking region with the necessary tools. 
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Our weekly newsletter is already received and read by about 2.000 people. We inform about trends in youth work. We give impulses for maintaining a relationship with teenagers and publish news about games, faith courses or group lessons. In our Facebook group, the leaders’ network, ideas are shared and encouragement is provided. We recently started offering webinars and training through YouTube videos. This ministry would not exist were it not for the many volunteers, prayer warriors and generous donors! I am so grateful for all the support on this «journey». We are convinced that God has great things in store for this ministry. 

Andreas-Martin (Andy) Fronius, Switzerland 

In cooperation with SMG, we set up an online ministry to equip youth leaders
in the German-speaking regionwith the necessary tools. 
Thank you very much for your donation.