Imagine there are young Christians who want to share the Gospel. They are eagerly waiting to be empowered and challenged. Because they have one goal: to actively invest themselves in the local and global mission. This is exactly the situation we face in Ecuador. We are met with the challenge of nurturing this incredible potential. As with Andrea, Ana, Freddy and Kelvin. 


Quito is the capital of Ecuador and has 2.7 million inhabitants. It is located in a 2,850 meters high basin of the Andes and is thus the highest capital in the world. Our mission organization PROPÓSITO GLOBAL (Global Purpose) was founded in this location in Ecuador. The main goal is to challenge young adults to work together to reach those who have not yet been reached with the Word of God. We also train and give support to them so that they can use their gifts and talents for God. To achieve this goal, we work together with local churches and other mission agencies. 

Through training, we renew and sharpen the churches' view of world mission and motivate Christians to actively participate in God's work. In this way, we support individuals to follow their calling, to form a team, to set up their own projects and guide them in the implementation of their respective project(s). 

From being a teacher to the founder of the foundation

Ana Sanchez is 30 years old and originally a teacher. For two years, she had worked part-time in our organization. With a great sense of responsibility, she initiated and supported many processes of PROPÓSITO GLOBAL. She established the foundation Hombre de Paz (Man of Peace). Today, she and her team work mainly with children who, five years ago, lost everything in a devastating earthquake on the coast of Ecuador.

From the therapy room to the street
What was, in the middle of the pandemic, originally conceived as a once-off Christmas campaign by 26-year-old psychologist Andrea Vallejo has now become a new project of PROPÓSITO GLOBAL: It is called SONRISA con PROPÓSITO (Smile with Purpose). Every month, Andrea and her team go out to the streets or visit a social institution and distribute food and clothes. We are fascinated by the fact that this project also involves volunteers who do not yet know Jesus Christ as their personal saviour. A great opportunity for all of us. 
The power of the young generation
Freddy, leader of the team in Guayaquil which is the largest port city in Ecuador, is also a young man with incredible potential, which he uses for Jesus Christ. He works as a graphic designer and photographer. On a part-time basis he leads the team that is currently involved in the Ciudad de Dios project. Ciudad de Dios is a poor city district. The project’s goal is for the residents to generate their own income by way of using their own gifts and talents. As an example: Kelvin, a PROPÓSITO GLOBAL volunteer, passes on his skills as a hairdresser and barber.


These are four examples that show the energy of young people here in Ecuador. We want to kindle and promote this potential because we see many who want to share the Good News. To prepare them better and more efficiently, we dream of a Cultural Centre where they will be encouraged and empowered to use their incredible potential.
However, this Centre should not only be open to Christians, but also be a blessing to the Ecuadorian people.



A European mission organization will support us with 40,000 Euros. We have received an additional CHF 30,000 from a private donor. But to realize our big dream, we need ten times this amount. We now have to find a suitable property or building site, raise money and establish contact with capable people to help us our dream to come true. We are grateful for experts, loans, donations, ideas and above all for prayers. Such a Cultural Centre should enable still more young adults to be empowered to spread the Gospel in Ecuador. 

Andrés and Jimena Stäubli 
Thank you for supporting us with your prayers and donations. Together we can implement the SMG motto in Ecuador: MAKING MISSION POSSIBLE! 


Thank you very much for your donation.