On a trip through Tanzania, Sabine and Thomas Hardegger had the idea to create a cookbook about the country's unknown cuisine. The result is something to be proud of: A colourful recipe book with over 80 recipes and information on culture and food; it is available in English and German. The 324-page cookbook costs CHF 80 and can be ordered from SMG. 

80% of the sales revenue will go to MEC’s local projects. MEC is a long-standing partner of SMG. It is dedicated to educational, social and medical projects. The entire Mbeya region (about the size of Switzerland) is thus supported.

A beacon of this work is the Mbalizi Hospital in Ifisi, where Susi Steffen had worked for 40 years (her story can be found in the section «Half a life for Africa»). 


Recipe: SPICY GREEN BEANS (4 people)  

750 g   green beans 
50 ml   vegetable oil 
  1         garlic glove, grated 
  1         large red onion,
            finely chopped
 4-6      beef tomatoes
            (depending on size), skins removed and 
            cut in small chunks  
  1         red chili, deseeded and 
             finely chopped 
  1         sprig savory 
salt, pepper 


Wash the beans and remove the ends – you may need to cut any very long beans in half. Heat the oil over a medium heat and deep-fry the garlic by placing in a tea strainer and dipping in the hot oil for around 20 seconds in order to flavour the oil. By removing the garlic instead of frying it with the other ingredients, this means it doesn’t turn bitter. Sauté the chopped onion in the flavoured oil until golden yellow. Now add the chopped tomatoes and chilli and cook this mixture for another 2 minutes. Stir in around 200 ml hot water and add the beans and savory. Cover the pan and simmer on a medium heat for around 10 minutes (or longer) until the beans are soft. Now season to taste with salt and pepper and remove the savory.

YA V IAZI potato cubes can also be added to this dish by cooking them with the beans.  




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