Residential Personnel Internship, Italy

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Alba exists to provide long term housing, recovery and training programs for women and their children escaping human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Italy.

Function: Residential Personnel

Assist residents of the safe house and recovery program as well as provide overall supervision of the home and home life.

This position requires someone with good ethics, strong values and a solid relationship with Jesus Christ. It also requires someone:

  • with excellent interpersonal and relational skills, confidence, gentleness and healthy boundaries,
  • who is resolute, steadfast and organized,
  • who has a healthy level of both personal and home hygiene,
  • who carries genuine empathy for sexually exploited women and a passion to serve.

Short to Long-Term, minimum two months required

See document for more information


Contact: Illiano Erica

Kurzzeit (3-24 Monate)
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Residential Personnel Internship, Italy
Kosten:Room & Board is covered. Additional expenses should be raised.
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